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Hi there, my name is Simone. I'm an independent web developer based in Italy.

About Me

I've been a graphic designer for quite a while. One day, I made an exciting decision: to study the web technologies in order to bring my designs to life instead of observing others doing it. Then I started getting hungry, and things have gone further.

Today, I work remotely as an independent web developer mostly from central Italy, where I design, code, and deliver small medium-sized full-stack projects and world-class online travel agencies (OTA) websites.

When I struggle to find a tool I'd like to use for my work, I can't wait to build it myself. Most of them are available on my GitHub.

When I'm not working or studying, I like exploring new countries and cultures through solo backpacking or riding my scooter along the coasts of the Ulysses Riviera.


I'm passionate about the Vite and Nuxt ecosystems and enjoy working with almost any modern JavaScript framework.

I mainly work with with Vue which is my go-to framework. It gives me great confidence, satisfaction and freedom since it does what I say, not the other way around.

I love writing CSS. I usually go with plain CSS using modules or whatever vanilla-like solution. A great project I use on a daily basis is Open Props, which I find very neat and practical.

Some of my favourite backend and infrastructure services I love to work with are Cloudflare, Supabase and Directus.


I make every single penny with a MacBook Air M1 16GB usually connected to an HP X34. I own both a Google Pixel and an iPhone, although the Pixel is my lovely daily companion.

I develop using VS Code along with Ayu theme and MonoLisa typeface and with WezTerm as my terminal emulator.


Firefox instead, is my go-to browser since ever and I'm so proud to be in that 3% that still uses it daily whether is for web development or to send an email.

After grinding for over a decade with the Adobe Suite, a couple of years ago I switched to Affinity for graphic design. For UI/UX and rapid prototyping I prefer to use Adobe XD (even if it's discontinued).


People who really knows me says I'm the excess personified: I grind hard, I study hard, I party hard, I love hard, but I never hate.

I'm not sure if this is a curse or a blessing, actually I don't care that much: that's just who I am. I believe that accepting yourself as you are is the first step to a life lived at its fullest while hate is the main cause of unhappiness and social degradation.

I care a lot about data privacy. I believe that nothing, not even the prospect of a better income (LinkedIn) or an increased perception of social interactions (Facebook) can justify the exposure of the personal details of an individual to the world, or worse, their sale to corporations.

I support the people of Palestine. I backpacked trough it in 2023 and could see with my own eyes what its people "swallow" every day, not to mention that it was one of the welcoming and safest placest I ever experienced.