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Professional Work

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After some time employed in the online-gambling biz and some more time at a major Italian IT consulting company, I decided to go fully independent in late-2022.

My area of expertise includes UI/UX, full-stack JavaScript development and web mastering. The services I provide are small medium-sized full-stack projects and unique, content-focused OTA and SaaS marketing websites.

Each project is designed and built from scratch by myself, from design and prototyping to actual code implementation, deployment and maintenance.

Small medium-sized

Full-Stack Applications

Beautiful and performant universally-rendered applications built with Nuxt and mostly backed by Supabase. They feature the bare minimum dependencies with a design system entirely built from scratch and optionally integrated with any external API.

Full-stack application composed of an administrator panel and user marketplace made for Plovo AB (Sweden) using Nuxt 3.

Online Travel Agencies

OTA Websites

Static or server-side rendered content-driven websites built with Astro or Nuxt. Content fully owned and managed by the Customer at virtually zero costs mostly using Directus. They can be integrated with any OTA gateway such as Bokun or Fareharbor.

Fully-static online travel agency website made for Girls in Italy (Italy) using React.

Marketing Websites

Instantly-navigable static marketing websites built with Astro. Content fully managed headless by the Customer on Storyblok or DatoCMS. Scope may vary from professional services and SaaS to virtually anything.

Getting in touch

Although I'm usually busy with ongoing projects, I'm always open for new business opportunities.

Feel free to reach out to me via email or Discord and tell me more about your upcoming project, I'll be happy to show you my full portfolio and help you building something amazing.